The ProTraits atlas of prokaryotic traits describes environmental preferences of microbes, interactions with other organisms (including pathogenicity), biochemical phenotypes, resistance to chemicals and other stressors, and utility in industrial applications.

ProTraits recognizes 424 phenotypic traits and covers 3,046 bacterial or archeal species. Overall, it provides 545,081 annotations (less than 10% FDR, tallying both the positive and the negative labels), of which 503,308 are novel.

We use machine learning to assign phenotypes to individual microbes, while drawing on free text available in the scientific literature or the broader World Wide Web. Moreover, the ProTraits pipeline can infer phenotypes using five independant sources of genomic data, while providing estimates of false discovery rates that agree with manual curation. Please see the ProTraits publication for details:

"The landscape of microbial phenotypic traits and associated genes", Maria Brbic, Matija Piskorec, Vedrana Vidulin, Anita Krisko, Tomislav Smuc, Fran Supek. Nucleic Acids Research (2016).

This database is maintained by the Laboratory for Machine Learning and Knowledge Representations, Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Zagreb, Croatia. For questions or suggestions please e-mail Fran Supek on .